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About Me

Hi, I'm a Full Stack JavaScript Developer looking for a new opportunity. I've completed a dozen projects, including a MERN Stack SPA using MongoDB, Express, React, Node, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Google Maps API.

My journey started a few years ago when I realized that the craft brewing industry was no longer providing the technical and problem-solving challenges I desired.

I went back to my previous love for technology and enrolled in Code Fellows boot camp in Seattle and then in the Full Stack JavaScript program at Team Treehouse online.

Currently learning Docker and Python.


Full Stack MERN App

Capstone project using JavaScript, a REST API, React, Node.js & Express for the Back End, MongoDB & deployed on Heroku.


A Back End project using Node.js, Express, RESTful API & MongoDB which allows users to CRUD collections in a database using Postman.

SQL Library Manager

A SQL library manager that stores, retrieves update and deletes information using JS, Node.js, Express, Pug, and Sequelize.

React Gallery App

A lightweight image gallery app using React, React Router 4 & the Flickr API to display various images.


Using Gulp to build a front end website with HTML, SCSS, JPEGs, PNGs & JavaScript files.

Twitter Client

Utilizes Node, Pug & the Twitter API to authenticate a Twitter user & display tweets & followers.

Content Scraper

A Node.js command line application that scrapes the latest prices from a web site & writes the data to CSV file.

Public API Requests

Uses the Random User Generator API to create a working example of an employee directory.

JavaScript OOP Game

A JavaScript two player Tic-Tac-Toe game. Coded the JS to run it given provided HTML & CSS files.

Interactive Form

Project provides user interactivity to a form by adding JavaScript to it and validates the input fields .

Pagination & Content Filter

Project dynamically adds pagination & search features to web page for a student directory.

Random Quote Generator

Static site that uses basic JavaScript syntax and data structures to display random quotes & change the background color.




Team Treehouse

2018 - 2019

Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree

  • Completing 12 real-world projects involving 38 courses, 242 quizzes.
  • Engaged with student community in Slack channels and by providing 48 peer reviews of projects.
  • Certification

Code Fellows

2016 | 4 weeks of intensive courses

Code 301: Intermediate Software Development

  • Studied the common core of development language concepts and frameworks, including functional programming, data management, SQL, front-end architecture, MVC, and DOM manipulation, in order to develop Single-Page Applications.
  • Collaborated with 4 team members to create and build a SPA using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Firebase, Responsive Web Design, Google Maps API and depolyed on Heroku.

Code Fellows

2015 | 4 weeks of intensive courses

Code 201: Foundations of Software Development

  • Course included defining a web page structure, implemented layout styles using CSS and HTML5, writing JavaScript that leverages fundamentals of computer science and the foundations of using industry tools including Git and GitHub.
  • Collaborated with 3 team members on a group project to create and build a note taking web site utlizing local storage. GitHub Repo

Work History

NeoWare Studios | Orlando, FL

Web Developer Intern

• Write code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create user-oriented visuals and features.

• Communicate with development team members including using Slack and Asana.

• Apply version control software (Git) to track and update changes to source code.

• Design and technical implementation of a MERN stack analytics dashboard using the Blockstack platform for encryption.

• Fix bugs on client website using various CMS (Bento Box, WordPress).

• Match mockups for client app in React Native using Android Studio.

Pike Brewing Company | Seattle, WA


• Responsible for monitoring and executing all aspects of the brewing process from brewing to packaging.

• Collaborated with team members on scheduling complex and time sensitive brewing processes that ensured quality control.

• Trained oncoming team members in proper brewhouse processes.

Mobile Bottling Source | Seattle, WA

Mobile Beer Bottler

• Worked with client breweries within the Pacific Northwest to bottle their product in a sanitary and efficient manner.

• Maintained client relationships, schedules and completed each project with little supervision.

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